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We accept most video formats (mpeg, mp4, flv etc). Capture a video and upload to us. We watch all videos before they appear on MMOTV. This means it may sometimes take a while before your video is available. We try to be as quick as we can, so thanks in advance for your patience. Once your video is accepted for publishing we will contact you for payment.

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What kind of videos are The Malay Mail Online looking for?

Anything newsworthy: it may be an event in your local area that you think people should know about or a major national incident.

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Terms of Submission

All kinds of people visit The Malay Mail Online website; including families, teenagers and older people. Everyone has different views of what is acceptable so we cannot use videos which might cause offence. Videos which encourage racism, violence or sexual discrimination will be rejected. Videos that contain untrue, defamatory or derogatory statements will also be rejected, as may those that contain swearing or nudity. We do not want to know your intimate details or personal secrets - these are best kept to yourself. Funny accidents (think "Kirsty's Home Videos") probably would not offend viewers but you must not deliberately set up stunts that are dangerous to people or animals — bear in mind children might want to copy your video.

  • Video must not be exceed 500MB
  • Must be original by you
  • No pornography/nudity allowed

Terms & Conditions.

By uploading this video, I certify that I am 16 and above, and I own the video or have the right to permit to use and publish this video and that I understand that all videos submitted to may be published, used or distributed in electronic or other media. reserves the right to reject any video.


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